Capturing life one magical moment at a time...

     We LOVE capturing life, one magical moment at a time!  Each event is unique and we love how that lets us be creative!  Sunrises and sunsets are our favorite and we LOVE capturing and creating amazing dramatic photos using the beauty of the planet as our backdrop to capture the very essence of life.

    Our goal is to create photographs that show feelings and emotions in the moment filled with life in vivid color.  We love taking photos that pull you in and tell that "moment in time" story without needing words.  And, we love to work with people who want to capture their connection, their joy, the real moments that are being created to make memories and all the ambiance and feeling of that moment in time.

    To us, success is a life that's lived with a sense of purpose; one that has balance and embodies gratitude.  We believe in appreciating life, even for the smallest of things.  That's the key that unlocks a life filled with blessings.

Our Style...

     Our "Fine Art Style" uses natural light to create dramatic photos.  You might say we use nature's beauty with light to capture vibrant colors of life.

     Our "Journalistic Style" is telling the story of your event through photography in a very natural and organic way.

     Our distinctive photography, graphics design, and website development is combined with affordable pricing making us an easy choice to capture your personal or business needs.

     All wedding packages come with a personal website and a unique domain.  Clients have a choice to just have their wedding photos online for one year or to keep their website for future life events.

Do You Provide Photography In My Area?

     We will travel to any destination.  Please contact us regarding our travel rates and other information that is not included in our packages.
Can I afford a Professional Photographer?

     Amazing photography at an affordable price!  Yes, quality is affordable and attainable!  We love photography and we hope our galleries prove that.  We take pride in providing the absolute best services where ever your destination may at affordable prices.

What Makes Our Photographers Different From Cell Phone Photos?

     In this modern age of technology, everyone is an photographer right?  Although we pride ourselves on technical knowledge and ability, it really isn't about knowing shutter speeds and ISO or even photo composition.  Every photographer has a different creative eye, so it's much deeper.  The difference lies within.  It's our true connection with our clients that makes us different and better than most.  It’s knowing our clients feelings and sometimes their fears.  It's not easy being in front of the camera and it's our job to make you comfortable.  We have that connection and share your vision, we can feel and capture those special moments that allow us to tell the story of your event.

How Can We Get Started?

     First... We'll send you a questionnaire so we can get all of the event details!  Next we'll set up a time to meet and discuss your vision, your details and your event timeline.  We will provide you with tons of info including a customized event schedule that outlines the time blocks for photos and the day's events.

Booking Us.

     Contact us to confirm that your event date is available.

Let’s talk.

     We love sitting and talking with our clients!  Tell us about your vision for your event.  Give us as many details as possible.  Your venue, your theme, your special attire for you and for your party, the flowers you've chosen, and your favors!  Creating extraordinary images for you is what we do and knowing every little detail in advance helps us visualize and plan for your special day.


     We will design a website in preparation for your big event so you can share all your planning and milestones in real time with friends and family.  Your website will have a unique domain name.  After your event your website will have an online photo album that will remain in place for 12 months.  You can renew your website each year thereafter based on market pricing at the time of renewal.  This will be a living website; meaning, you can add your engagement photos, honeymoon photos, and milestones in the future.  Don't know how to work a website?  No problem, we'll show you!

We will explain.

     We will explain our process and go over pricing and terms so that you have a clear picture of what you are signing up for.  Our job is creating images that you will cherish for the rest of your life.  The information and forms to be filled out and how and when payment is to be made.  Don’t worry, we’ll talk more than once before your event and anytime you have questions, just give us a call.

Custom schedule.

     We will help you create a custom schedule so we are at every location at the time you need us there.  The schedule is fluid so you will need to notify us of any changes you need made.

Two weeks before your event.
     We will meet to re-confirm all the plans for your day.  We'll make sure we are all on the same page and go over any changes that have come up.

The big day.

     We will arrive 1 hour before the scheduled time and quickly run through the plans for the day.  At this time we will advise and coordinate with parties regarding scheduled times for formal portraits and tell them what to expect via a printed schedule.

Two to three weeks after your wedding.
     We will contact you with your online viewing gallery and digital download of your amazing images.

Three to four weeks after your wedding.

     We will meet to review the images you would like included in your album and begin to create and customize it.  At this time we will also help you choose portraits or gifts.

Eight weeks after your wedding.

     We will deliver your album and advise on the care of portraits as well as your album to ensure a long life for your treasured heirlooms.

Make up free photo shoot...

     Here you are... ready to do your professional photo shoot and like always, you don't wear makeup and want to keep it that way.   You decided that's who you are and your photos should reflect that.  Great decision!  You should be yourself, always.

     Here is a few tips on how to come bare faced and still look stunning for your photo session.

Here's why: Cameras today are extremely high resolution and every single flaw will show.
So what's the solution?
   1. Water!  Drink lots of water before your session, start a day or even two days before.  Hydrating your skin is a must!
   2. Exfoliate - Time to take all that dry dead skin off your face. Exfoliation gives you a natural glow.
   3. Skin care - a really great way to really put on the glow is to use a brightener and a sun blocking moisturizer. I like Aveeno Lavender and Chamomile line of products along with Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Radiant.  Whatever brand you choose to use make sure you test the product on a small area of skin to ensure you are not going to have a negative reaction.

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